Ramadan Radiance; your go-to guide to maintain glowing skin while fasting

Ramadan Radiance; your go-to guide to maintain glowing skin while fasting

Ramadan is a time of self-improvement, but due to the changes in diet and lifestyle, it can be a challenge to maintain your skin’s healthy glow. As I greatly advocate for everyone to be at peace with their skin, a significant part of this is encouraging people to be their best selves. With this in mind, here is my go-to guide for all to assimilate better while fasting and maintaining your glow-catcher skin.


Set the stage for healthier skin this Ramadan with an ironclad skincare routine! I always say, “love the skin you’re in,” so the Holy Month might be the perfect time to dig into your pockets and make a skinvestment. This can be in the form of incorporating high-quality facial toners, serums, and creams with skin-nourishing ingredients into your regime – with fewer nutrients going into your body, the richer your products should be (regardless of skin type). Or, investing in one superhero product that can take care of all your skincare needs, including hydration, elasticity, anti-inflammation and pH balancing effects, such as our Oat-kernel Oil-like Essence.


A simple routine begins with a pore cleansing wash that nurtures and protects your skin’s moisture, followed by a toner to prime the skin for ingredients in your products to be better absorbed. Next is the serum – a step many people skip, but they are the heavy lifters of a good skincare routine and a good step in levelling it up. Serums are a shot of highly concentrated nutrients, hydrators, and antioxidants to amp up your skin health. Lastly, moisturise. Always. Twice a day! Doing this will keep your skin barrier happy and healthy! Our Ever Glow Moisturizer is a lightweight texture that gives the skin extra hydration and the glow it deserves, with no sticky, greasy or oily residue.


During the Holy Month, drinking your daily recommended water intake can be challenging. Therefore, drinking plenty of water between Iftar and Suhoor is essential to maintain optimal hydration; precisely eight to ten glasses. Doing so helps your body flush out toxins, increase blood flow, and gives you an even tone and clear complexion. Not only does it keep your body hydrated, but it makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenates your skin’s elasticity.


Finally, sleep plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being, and during Ramadan, it becomes even more important to prioritise rest and relaxation. Fasting for long hours during the day can lead to fatigue, and dehydration, making it essential to get enough sleep at night to help the body recharge and recover. Sleep is also vital to maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin. That said, I understand this can be difficult, considering Ramadan is typically busy with multiple gatherings and events. If you find that you’re not able to catch the maximum amount of z’s because of this, then the Peptide Eye Cream will act as your secret weapon by brightening, tightening, cooling, and hydrating the delicate under-eye area with one swipe.


With all this said, we must remember that no matter how much you care for your skin on the outside, you will only notice significant changes if you begin by making changes on the inside. Therefore, pepper your Iftar and Suhoor meals with nutrient-dense superfoods, such as avocados, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and water-rich foods, including lettuce, cucumbers, and watermelon, to name a few. As the saying goes, you are what you eat!


While taking the time to reflect, improve and spread love, remember that Ramadan can be a perfect period to pay more attention to your skin health by forming good skincare habits that will stay with you throughout the Holy Month and long after.


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