Revolutionary UV-C Technology by MADA UV Company Aids in Surgical Safety

Revolutionary UV-C Technology by MADA UV Company Aids in Surgical Safety

11 January، 2024 0 By manager

Dubai, UAE – 11 January 2024 :In a groundbreaking announcement from MADA UV Company, acclaimed for its expertise in designing and manufacturing modern disinfection devices utilizing Ultraviolet sterilization technology, their most recent device is considered revolutionary in the field of surgical safety. The company’s latest innovation showcases unparalleled industrial design maximizing the outcome of UVC rays, designed to significantly impact the mortality & morbidity rate associated with surgical operations. Rigorous British laboratory tests confirm that the new device has successfully eradicated 100% of germs suspended in the air and on surfaces.

Moreover, this unique design technology is not confined to surfaces alone but extends its sterilizing ability to operation room air and even ceilings, and is accordingly named “3D sterilization”. This innovation is anticipated to revolutionize current practices and set a new standard in the realm of healthcare facilities’ safety.

The device’s usage of mixed high-intensity Ultraviolet type-C rays has proven essential in swiftly neutralizing viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus which can be killed in a record time of few seconds. In fact, this technology can even eradicate notoriously antibiotic-resistant germs, such as Clostridium.

Distinguished by a distinctive open design, featuring strategically positioned top and side windows coupled with an exceptionally high UV-C intensity, this device surpasses the limitations of conventional disinfection devices. Its ability to effectively reach and disinfect even the most challenging spots within operation rooms underscores its efficiency and speed.

Dr. Ahmad Alshalabi emphasizes the critical role this technological breakthrough plays in combating “surgery-acquired infections.” He states that all hospital visitors carry some pathogens that will accumulate in the surgical environment over time. He further insists that incorporating UV-C disinfection technology into the mandatory protocol for surgical room disinfection is critical to ensuring the safety of patients by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, particularly in the current landscape of evolving pathogens with increasing resistance to conventional medicine.

Driven by the imperative to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Alshalabi reveals that this technology would have drastically diminished the morbidity and mortality rates caused by any cross-infection in healthcare facilities, and since COVID-19 is one of the easiest viruses to be killed by UV-C light, he further emphasizes the necessity of incorporating this technology in disinfection protocal before and after every patient. Dr. Alshalabi states: “COVID-19 has urged us to design and manufacture devices that are capable of combating this virus effectively, in the hopes that we can save as many lives as possible. We are dedicated to continuously innovating solutions that will improve our healthcare environments, and ensure the safety of our patients.”

Further attesting to the device’s efficacy, Dr. Alshalabi highlights its impeccable performance in multiple laboratories. The device achieved a staggering 100% effectiveness in the distinguished Stanger lab, and, a remarkable 99.9999% effectiveness in eliminating all microbes in Dubai Government Central Labs.

In a final note, Dr. Alshalabi reassures the public that the new device has obtained all necessary quality certificates, successfully passing rigorous laboratory tests conducted by both governmental and British labs. MADA UV Company’s commitment to high efficiency, coupled with its adherence to stringent testing standards, positions this UV-C sterilization technology at the forefront of the battle against infectious agents in healthcare settings.


MADA UV is a company that specializes in providing innovative disinfection solutions and devices that utilize ultraviolet light, and is currently based in United Arab Emirates.

The company’s devices rely on the usage of Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, which is a high-intensity light that is capable of eradicating viruses and bacteria effectively and efficiently.

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