Dugasta Titans gets ready for the inaugural Ultimate Golf Challenge (UGC)

Dugasta Titans gets ready for the inaugural Ultimate Golf Challenge (UGC)

Captain Tauseef Khan Leads an exceptional lineup, ready to make golfing history in the UAE



Date: Dubai, UAE; January 29, 2023


Dugasta Titans gear up for a groundbreaking golf concept, the Ultimate Golf Challenge (UGC). Dugasta Titans, a team proudly represented by Mr. Tauseef Khan, Founder and Chairman of Dugasta Properties is set to make history in the inaugural Ultimate Golf Challenge (UGC), an innovative golfing concept taking the UAE by storm on January 30 and 31, 2024.


The UGC introduces a revolutionary 10-team, franchise-based challenge where strategic partners own each team. In addition to Dugasta Titans, the two-day championship tournament includes 140 players representing 10 teams will play 200 rounds that will determine who is the best.


Dugasta Titans comprises 14 skilled and experienced players, all carefully selected based on the handicap buckets specified in the tournament rules.


In line with UGC regulations a team must have a minimum of 2 female players and that’s why Dugasta Titans proudly features 3 female players, embodying the spirit of diversity and inclusion. Alongside their prowess on the golf course, Dugasta Titans boast distinctive team uniforms and a unique team name, adding an exciting element to the competition.


The Dugasta Titans, led by Captain Tauseef Khan and Vice-Captain Ravi Khanna, present a formidable lineup of golfing prowess for the Ultimate Golf Challenge. The team showcases a diverse array of talent, including Aamir Inam as the CEO of Drive Line Group, Mustafa Khan serving as the Community Manager at Emaar Properties, Achal Ghai holding the position of Group CEO at Legacy Emirates Group, Ishu Rupani contributing as an Investor in Blue Water Real Estate, Saket Kanoi leading as the CEO of Noble Alloys and Minerals FZC, Anil Shivanna as the Senior Vice President of First Global Capital LTD, Tauseef Khan himself, the Founder & Chairman of Dugasta Properties, Bayar Khan, Beatrice Galeppini, Rakesh Shah, Ravi Khanna, Roma Khanna, Shiba Wahid and Shoab Khan. This ensemble melds experience, skill, and an unwavering passion for the game, promising an exciting performance in the competition.


Mr Tauseef Khan, Founder and Chairman of Dugasta Properties, says, “As the founder and chairman of Dugasta Properties, I am honoured to lead the charge with Dugasta Titans in the Ultimate Golf Challenge. Golf is not just a game; it’s a journey of passion, strategy, and camaraderie. Our team embodies these values, and we are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking golfing concept, leaving a lasting legacy on the greens.”


The diverse and dedicated roster reflects the spirit of the tournament, emphasizing inclusivity and competition. As they gear up for the challenge, the Titans, under the seasoned leadership, are poised to make their mark in this groundbreaking golfing event, showcasing the essence of teamwork and sportsmanship on the greens.


The golfers of Dugasta Titans, with championship victories under their belts are currently engaged in rigorous practice sessions gearing up for the ultimate challenge. The UGC event will witness the esteemed presence of high-profile individuals, including CEOs and dignitaries adding prestige to the competition.


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Revolutionary UV-C Technology by MADA UV Company Aids in Surgical Safety

Revolutionary UV-C Technology by MADA UV Company Aids in Surgical Safety

Dubai, UAE – 11 January 2024 :In a groundbreaking announcement from MADA UV Company, acclaimed for its expertise in designing and manufacturing modern disinfection devices utilizing Ultraviolet sterilization technology, their most recent device is considered revolutionary in the field of surgical safety. The company’s latest innovation showcases unparalleled industrial design maximizing the outcome of UVC rays, designed to significantly impact the mortality & morbidity rate associated with surgical operations. Rigorous British laboratory tests confirm that the new device has successfully eradicated 100% of germs suspended in the air and on surfaces.

Moreover, this unique design technology is not confined to surfaces alone but extends its sterilizing ability to operation room air and even ceilings, and is accordingly named “3D sterilization”. This innovation is anticipated to revolutionize current practices and set a new standard in the realm of healthcare facilities’ safety.

The device’s usage of mixed high-intensity Ultraviolet type-C rays has proven essential in swiftly neutralizing viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus which can be killed in a record time of few seconds. In fact, this technology can even eradicate notoriously antibiotic-resistant germs, such as Clostridium.

Distinguished by a distinctive open design, featuring strategically positioned top and side windows coupled with an exceptionally high UV-C intensity, this device surpasses the limitations of conventional disinfection devices. Its ability to effectively reach and disinfect even the most challenging spots within operation rooms underscores its efficiency and speed.

Dr. Ahmad Alshalabi emphasizes the critical role this technological breakthrough plays in combating “surgery-acquired infections.” He states that all hospital visitors carry some pathogens that will accumulate in the surgical environment over time. He further insists that incorporating UV-C disinfection technology into the mandatory protocol for surgical room disinfection is critical to ensuring the safety of patients by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, particularly in the current landscape of evolving pathogens with increasing resistance to conventional medicine.

Driven by the imperative to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Alshalabi reveals that this technology would have drastically diminished the morbidity and mortality rates caused by any cross-infection in healthcare facilities, and since COVID-19 is one of the easiest viruses to be killed by UV-C light, he further emphasizes the necessity of incorporating this technology in disinfection protocal before and after every patient. Dr. Alshalabi states: “COVID-19 has urged us to design and manufacture devices that are capable of combating this virus effectively, in the hopes that we can save as many lives as possible. We are dedicated to continuously innovating solutions that will improve our healthcare environments, and ensure the safety of our patients.”

Further attesting to the device’s efficacy, Dr. Alshalabi highlights its impeccable performance in multiple laboratories. The device achieved a staggering 100% effectiveness in the distinguished Stanger lab, and, a remarkable 99.9999% effectiveness in eliminating all microbes in Dubai Government Central Labs.

In a final note, Dr. Alshalabi reassures the public that the new device has obtained all necessary quality certificates, successfully passing rigorous laboratory tests conducted by both governmental and British labs. MADA UV Company’s commitment to high efficiency, coupled with its adherence to stringent testing standards, positions this UV-C sterilization technology at the forefront of the battle against infectious agents in healthcare settings.


MADA UV is a company that specializes in providing innovative disinfection solutions and devices that utilize ultraviolet light, and is currently based in United Arab Emirates.

The company’s devices rely on the usage of Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, which is a high-intensity light that is capable of eradicating viruses and bacteria effectively and efficiently.

For more information, you can visit the Link:


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World Polo Championship to be launched in the United Arab Emirates on December 6, 2026

World Polo Championship to be launched in the United Arab Emirates on December 6, 2026

Occurring on the playgrounds of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The United Arab Emirates officially announced the date of the World Polo Championship set to take place in the United Arab Emirates, with 8 teams participating in the Handicap 10-goal during the period between December 6 until December 20, 2026, on the playgrounds of clubs Ghantoot, Al Habtoor, Desert Palm, and Dubai.

The Chairman of the UAE Polo Federation Mohammed Al Habtoor extended his sincere congratulations in his name and in the name of the federation board members to the Head of State, His Highness Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God protect him”. Al Habtoor extended his congratulations as well to the Vice-President, Prime Minister of the State, and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, “may God protect him”, and to the people and residents of the Emirates for the winning and honor of the UAE Federation to host the World Polo Championship 2026 in the UAE.

Al Habtoor stated: the state of UAE has always been the pioneer in organizing the biggest championships successfully, whether related to equestrian sports, golf, football, Jujitsu, or other sports.

Al Habtoor added that the UAE file win was the result of the collective work of the board of directors since the moment they took charge and until the travel of the delegation to Argentina. The support of the General Sport Authority, the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Sports Councils, and the cooperation of all clubs truly contributed to this success and achievement.

Al Habtoor also thanked the Minister of Education of the United Arab Emirates and Head of the General Sport Authority, His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, for meeting with the Polo Federation board of directors and congratulating them for winning the hosting bid, as well as offering his generous guidance to the board of directors on the plans and programs of the federation.

The abovementioned matter was featured in the press conference held by the UAE Polo Federation in the temporary federation headquarters in Al Habtoor Group, in the presence of the Head of Polo Federation Mohammed Al Habtoor, the Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council Saeed Hareb, the representative of the General Sport Authority Mohammed Al Kaabi, the Vice-Chairman of the Federation Saeed Bin Drai, the Secretary General Mohammed Al Hareez, and Brazilian Renee Bernard Bill and Argentinian Adrian Simoniti from LM Polo “La Martine” company, who joined the conference via video call, confirming the partnership that will gather them with the UAE federation, along with media people. The attendees then watched a short documentary on the UAE win in the hosting bid.

Al Habtoor explained the preparation of our national team which is a candidate to participate in the championship, saying that the federation prepared an ambitious preparation plan for our players through external participation in Argentina, England and Spain, to develop their levels and raise their classifications within the next three years.

In his turn, the Vice-Chairman of the UAE Polo Federation and Head of the hosting dossier Saeed Bin Drai affirmed his indescribable happiness when the UAE hosting dossier was elected unanimously in a meeting in Buenos Aires attended by 45 countries, thanking the Embassy of the State in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires and the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai for their support and facilitation of the delegation’s mission while present there.

He added that this championship will be held outside of Europe and America for the first time, and for the first time in the Middle East as well, and that the last championship was held in the American State of Florida where the Spain National Team won the cup. Consequently, as the title holder, the Spain National Team will be alongside the Emirati National Team, hosting country, and next to six other teams. He said as well that it was known that the International federation was founded in 1985 with 86 countries as members, divided into four areas. The first and second of each area will be selected through the qualifying tournaments in the next two years.

Bin Drai added that the championship is held under the umbrella of the Federation of International Polo, “FIPA”, and that there are lists for this federation that will be implemented, and the federation will hold an important coordination meeting in upcoming January to form the monitoring committee and assign the tasks among the members.

The Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council Saeed Hareb affirmed that the Polo Federation is given credit for the ability to succeed in submitting the hosting dossier in a short period. We have already monitored many activities for the federation that deserves the recognition and credit, and here we are today, celebrating the announcement of hosting this global event that will be added to the other events that will take place in the UAE in 2026, and that will succeed in God’s will just like other similar events.

Saeed Hareb indicated that the UAE had become a landmark, not in the success of the events held on its lands, but in the security and safety that it provides, which are important factors in tourism, sports and in contributing to the economy of the state, and this appears clearly through our monitoring to the factors of attraction in tourism which are many, mainly the infrastructure.

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International experts review latest methods of diagnosing cancer and difficult diseases

International experts review latest methods of diagnosing cancer and difficult diseases

Two scientific workshops specialized in modern diagnosis of tissue and cell diseases were launched this morning at the Address Marina Hotel in Dubai, to review modern and latest technologies currently used in the most important international hospitals within the so-called digital pathology and molecular pathologies

Dr Hassan Huteit Consultant Histopathologist, Head of Histology Unit at Dubai Health. General Secretary of Emirates Pathology Society. Senior Lecturer, Dubai Medical College   said

The  distinguished group of lecturers specialized in the fields from the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East will lecture in them, where the lecturers reviewed the most important achievements in these two promising fields in improving and developing medical diagnosis and Especially the diagnosis of cancer and difficult and chronic diseases.

The workshops come ahead of the start of the activities of the UAE Conference on Surgical Pathology “Tissue and Cell Diseases”, which is organized by the Department of Pathology at the Emirates Medical Association tomorrow in the presence of more than 400 experts and specialists, where the number of lecturers in the two workshops reached 18 lecturers The topics of the lectures varied between reviewing modern and future technologies and between explaining the practical applications of these new technologies and discussing discussions within the two workshops about the capabilities of health institutions in different countries and their ability to start working On these new diagnostic health systems and planning to establish modern medical systems based on solid scientific foundations and solid diagnostics far from the possibility of error.

At the end of the conference, participants will receive 14 credit hours by the Dubai Health Authority.

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Kicks off Friday with the participation of 400 specialists

Kicks off Friday with the participation of 400 specialists

Emirates Surgical Pathology Conference reviews latest discoveries related to the diagnosis of breast tumors


The Emirates Surgical Pathology Conference 2023, organized by the Pathology Society of the Emirates Medical Association, will kick off in Dubai on Friday, the fifteenth of December, at the Address Marina Hotel, with the participation of more than 400 specialists from different countries of the world.


Dr. Mouza Al Sharhan, President of the Emirates Medical Association, Head of the Pathology Society at the association, Head of Dubai Hospital Medical Laboratories, President of the Conference, stressed the importance of the event, which will be lectured by more than 30 international and regional experts from different countries in the most important subspecialties of surgical pathology in its multiple branches such digital pathology, molecular pathology, respiratory tumors and diseases, tumors and diseases of the digestive system, tumors and diseases of the soft tissues and bones and other emerging and new topics.


The President of the Conference, Dr. Mouza Al-Sharhan, added that the conference will also discuss the latest discoveries in the diagnosis of tissue diseases, the latest technologies in the diagnosis of cell diseases, digital pathology and its applications, molecular pathology and its applications, modern diagnosis of respiratory and renal tumors and diseases, modern diagnosis of tumors and diseases of the digestive system, the latest tools in diagnosing tumors and diseases of soft tissues and bones, and the latest discoveries related to the diagnosis of breast tumors and other emerging topics.


In addition to the Society of Pathology at the Emirates Medical Association, the conference is co-organized by the National Reference Laboratory at Cleveland Hospital, and sponsored by more than a dozen medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory companies are co-sponsored.


The Emirates Surgical Pathology conference will have during the second three scientific sessions, leaded by eminent experts from Cleveland Ohio Clinic of USA, about the latest update on diseases and tumors of lung, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, skin, bone and soft tissues.


On the third day, Sunday 17th, the conference will discuss the latest discoveries related to the diagnosis of brain, breast, and genitourinary diseases and tumours.

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Eleventh UAE International Orthopaedic Congress concludes in Abu Dhabi

Eleventh UAE International Orthopaedic Congress concludes in Abu Dhabi

Participants: The UAE provides the finest treatment services and there is no reason to receive treatment outside the UAE

Call to continue supporting and strengthening the medical tourism system in various medical specialties

At the end of its work yesterday, the eleventh UAE International Orthopaedic Conference, organized by the Emirates Orthopaedic Division of the Emirates Medical Association over three days at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi, called on medical institutions in the country to continue supporting and strengthening the medical tourism system in the country, which now attracts thousands of patients to receive treatment annually in various medical specialties, including orthopedics.

Participants in the conference stressed that the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have many advanced medical centers that have all the capabilities of medical cadres and modern devices, in addition to the uses of robotics, augmented artificial intelligence and assistive technologies, to attract many patients who seek treatment within the country, whether from the Gulf countries or the Middle East.

They also stressed that doctors will continue practical training and continuing medical education and seize the available opportunities to complete their research in modern techniques in orthopedic surgeries using robotics and artificial intelligence.

They also stressed that the health care system in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the fields of orthopedics, enjoys high professionalism and applies the highest international medical standards and practices through the availability of the best medical staff and the latest treatment technologies, and there is no reason to travel and treat outside the country, except for some very rare cases.

Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi, Head of the Orthopaedic Division at the Emirates Medical Association and Chairman of the Conference, said that the discussions of the last day focused on accidents that lead to foot and ankle injuries, and then focused on fractures, ligament injuries and sports injuries, and discussed all the latest developments related to diagnosis or treatment of ankle arthroscopy and minor surgical intervention for congenital deformities in the foot.

He stressed that the prevailing belief in society of the need to perform cruciate ligament surgery, especially for athletes abroad, has become a belief that needs to be re-established, especially since our health institutions in this field have become comparable to major international centers abroad in terms of expertise, techniques and even in terms of medical care after cruciate ligament surgery, all our doctors in those institutions have completed advanced medical courses in the treatment of these injuries and completed recent studies in the care of these injuries, including cruciate ligament rupture and ligaments. Ankle and all these operations are done with the latest scientific methods just as they are performed abroad, pointing out that there is no significant difference between performing cruciate ligament operations outside or inside the country, as they are done in the same way and with the same techniques and medical expertise.

Dr. Al Suwaidi added that the Emirates Medical Association and the Orthopedic Division have always been proactive in providing distinguished training opportunities for doctors within the country, thus avoiding the trouble of traveling to attend conferences and training courses abroad, and that the UAE International Orthopedic Conference in its eleventh session confirms this orientation of the Association, as the conference has been interested throughout its history with an extensive presentation of all modern developments and from different countries of the world, which provides an annual opportunity for UAE doctors to see all that is new and innovative in the specialties of orthopedics. We continue this trend that serves doctors, technicians and nursing staff in our health institutions, which ultimately leads to providing excellent treatment services and medical care to patients.

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UAE International Orthopedic Conference discuss role of artificial intelligence

UAE International Orthopedic Conference discuss role of artificial intelligence

 90% of joint replacement operations are performed in UAE hospitals

Doctors: UAE hospitals have reduced the travel of citizens for treatment abroad in all specialties

For the second day in a row, the Eleventh UAE International Orthopaedic Conference, organized by the Emirates Orthopaedic Division of the Emirates Medical Association at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), showcased its scientific program and the main themes in the fields of orthopaedics such as joint replacement surgery, sports medicine, fracture surgery, upper limb surgeries, limb deformities, foot and ankle deformities.

Dr. Ali Al Baluchi, Consultant Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon and Vice President of the Orthopedic Division at the Emirates Medical Association, revealed that orthopedics in the UAE has witnessed a great development over the past years as a result of attracting the best human expertise and international medical centers, in addition to the use of the latest devices and modern technologies used in diagnosis, surgery, treatment and best medical practices, which contributed to reducing the percentage of patients who were traveling for treatment outside the country in the past, noting that more than 90% of the Joint replacement operations are now performed in state hospitals.

He added that the subspecialties that used to force patients and their families to seek treatment abroad have become available in the country’s hospitals, including subspecialties in oncology, pediatric surgery and others, all of which have become covered by health insurance, in addition to the psychological comfort enjoyed by the patient inside the country among his family and family.

Dr. Ali Al Baluchi said that the second day of the conference reviewed a wide range of topics related to orthopaedics, modern fields that have occurred in orthopaedics, the latest global trends in stem cell technologies, and the modern uses of medical endoscopes in the fields of knee and shoulder replacement through the uses of robotics and artificial intelligence.

He pointed out that the knee roughness disease was reviewed and discussed for patients at the beginning of the injury as a preventive measure to avoid resorting to surgery through treatments with medications, exercise, oil needles or platelets together, where new studies were presented that confirmed the extent to which the patient benefited from oil injections with platelet injections (PRP), but doctors unanimously agreed that this procedure, despite its importance, does not work on the restoration and construction of cartilage, and this is confirmed medical information stating that Oil needles with stem cell needles do not build cartilage. He added that oil needles are used as a treatment to reduce roughness because they increase the lost viscosity in the joint and thus reduce the intensity of friction and pain, and are given to the patient according to his health condition and according to the severity of the roughness he suffers from, and we as doctors do not recommend taking the oil needle in a period of less than three months, where another medical procedure is necessary unless this procedure helps.

Dr. Al Baluchi pointed out that new ideas related to artificial joints and the latest scientific findings in the fields of orthopedic surgery were also discussed, especially with the entry of artificial intelligence and robotics, and changing the old mental image of artificial joints, pointing out that recent trends confirm that robotics applications in joint surgery are the best because it was found that only 80% of patients are satisfied after surgery, because joint replacement is done uniformly, but the new trends confirm The joint must be tailored according to the needs of each patient individually.

He pointed out that the use of robots and artificial intelligence during surgery is characterized by high accuracy in planning and implementation, which reduces human errors by 20%, pointing out that using the robot, the accuracy rate reaches 99%, in addition to that the time taken and the percentage of pain and bleeding during the operation and the period spent by th

e patient inside the hospital, becomes much less than traditional methods.

Dr. Al Balushi added that despite the great progress that has occurred in robotic surgery, globally, 85% of doctors still use traditional methods in surgery, so at the Eleventh UAE International Orthopedic Conference, we deliberately attracted senior surgeons who have proven their competence in robotic operations worldwide to inform our surgeons of everything new in this field..

The American company Straker and its agent in the UAE Al-Famed display the 4K diagnostic image system for bones to give the surgeon very accurate details during the surgery of any kind, and Dr. Amr Abdel Rahman and Manal Nagy from the company’s marketing team said that the modern devices currently available in orthopedics give doctors accurate diagnosis and the least surgical intervention and give patients the least period of recovery.

Dr. Dima Qobbaj, an official at Alinma Drug Warehouse, said that we offer the latest products of drugs approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat roughness and stimulate collagen production in the body, which is the product (CH Alpha).

The conference concludes its activities today, “Sunday”, by focusing on important topics such as inflammation and roughness of the joints, especially the knee and shoulder, and how to treat with the latest methods of arthroscopy or joint replacement using augmented reality and artificial intelligence to how to deal with complications that may arise after performing these operations, along with discussing developments in the treatments of sports, shoulder and knee injuries, especially ligament and tendon rupture, and addressing how to deal with the failure of the restoration process.

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Key discussions on cutting-edge topics conclude the 3rd Annual Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology Conference

Key discussions on cutting-edge topics conclude the 3rd Annual Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology Conference


The final day of the 3rd annual conference of Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology brought forth an array of remarkable presentations, shedding light on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UAE’s healthcare sector, as well as the critical challenges and opportunities related to climate change and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in preparation for COP28.
Under the patronage of the Emirates Medical Association, the conference, organized by the Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology (ESCM) in collaboration with the American Society for Microbiology, drew a substantial audience of more than 450 participants on Sunday.
The 3rd annual conference, hosted at Mohammed bin Rashid University for Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai, served as an interactive platform for sharing the latest research, findings, experiences, and guidelines in the field of clinical microbiology.
Among the attendees were 27 distinguished national and 10 international speakers, along with delegates, experts, scientists, physicians, microbiology professionals, students, and industry specialists.
With a diverse agenda encompassing 36 lectures, the event delved into emerging topics and addressed the industry’s latest developments and challenges.
Dr. Anju Nabi, Vice President of ESCM, highlighted that the conference featured international speakers in anticipation of the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in the UAE, discussing the role of microbiology in addressing climate change and AMR while striving to achieve UN sustainable development goals for reducing carbon emissions.
“The conference also delved into the crucial role microbiologists play in reducing carbon footprint through waste recycling, lab practices, and the safe disposal of contaminated materials,” Dr Nabi said.

Dr Arun Kumar Jha, Chair of the Cultural, Social & Media Committee informed that the 3rd Annual Conference of ESCM has attracted diverse group of participants. Clinical microbiology doctors, Pathologists, Laboratory technologists, Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists etc. have actively participated in the conference. “The conference also attracted numerous participants and students from various universities, including Emirati students with a passion for clinical microbiology, eager to explore the latest research, findings, experiences, and guidelines in the field.”
Professor Godfred Menezes, Chair of the conference scientific committee said the conference’s closing day concentrated on vital topics such as healthcare-associated infections, antimicrobial resistance, new antimicrobials, respiratory pathogens, human microbiome, mycology, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had different sessions about hot topics such as the association of oral microbiome dysbiosis with oral infections in the UAE population, microbiome based therapeutic tools, invasive fungal infections and interesting cases of rare fungi. We are delighted to host this conference that delves deeper into the field.”
“We believe the knowledge exchange from this conference will benefit all the healthcare sector, while demonstrating the UAE’s advanced status in tackling healthcare challenges.”
Professor Menezes said they will be preparing for next conference that the next conference will be held in November 2024 & venue will be decided after ESCM Board & Committee meeting.

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An Emirati doctor performs 1500 operations using robots and intelligence Artificial

An Emirati doctor performs 1500 operations using robots and intelligence Artificial

99% success rate and human error rate in conventional operations 20%

Dr. Ali Al Baloushi, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement, Vice President of the Orthopedic Division at the Emirates Medical Association, revealed that more than 1,500 artificial joint operations have been performed since the beginning of the use of robots and artificial intelligence in UAE since 2018 until now, including primary, kidney, molecular or secondary artificial joints with a very high success rate of 99% compared to traditional operations, setting a world record.
Dr. Ali Al Baloushi, who is the first to introduce robotic technology to the operating room in the Middle East, stressed that the use of robots and artificial intelligence during surgery is characterized by high accuracy in planning and implementation, which reduces human errors by 20% (outside the target 3 millimeters), while using the robot, the accuracy rate reaches 99% inside the target, which is very high, and the time taken, the percentage of pain and the percentage of bleeding during the operation is less, in addition to the period spent by the patient inside the hospital is less By many traditional methods.
Dr. Ali Al Baloushi, who is one of the medical competencies in the Arab world, said that the idea of using artificial intelligence and robotics came in line with the UAE’s strategy to use artificial intelligence in 2017, as he was one of the first doctors who trained on this technology after its adoption in the United States of America in 2016, and he was the first to introduce the robot for the installation of artificial joints to the Middle East, indicating that the robot enabled the surgeon to dress the joints with very high accuracy that suits the patient’s tissues and size. And its shape, which helped reduce pain, increase customer satisfaction, and speed recovery with physical therapy
Dr. Ali Al Baloushi explained that there are several reasons for joint roughness, including age, in addition to some athletes’ injuries, which lead over time to wear and stiffness of the joints so that the patient reaches the stage of disappearance of the cartilage crust and thus is replaced by installing a metal shell with the same specifications as the previous shell by using artificial intelligence and robots with high accuracy.
He added that the UAE now occupies an advanced position in training doctors on robotic joint surgeries, through the experience gained during the past five years, which reduced the travel of citizens abroad for treatment.
Dr. Ali said that the eleventh session of the Orthopaedic Conference, which will be held on the seventeenth of this month in Abu Dhabi with the participation of about 1,000 doctors, specialists and technicians, is of particular importance to doctors, specialists and professionals in the fields of orthopaedics, not only as one of the most important and largest bone gatherings in the country, will discuss at length, especially topics related to joint replacement operations using augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the latest global trends in the field of Cartilage transplantation using stem cell stem cell technology

In recent years, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies have become increasingly useful in orthopedics thanks to their many advantages, which provide operating teams with the tools to take a more specialized approach to patient care.
Dr. Ali Al Baloushi pointed out that one of the most important objectives of the annual conference of the Emirates Medical Association since its inception aims to provide a platform to train national doctors and their counterparts from neighboring countries on the latest global trends in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases and exchange experiences and knowledge in everything related to orthopedic surgery with the best international experts and specialists, in addition to reviewing the latest modern medical devices and equipment used in orthopedic surgeries and discussing new treatments.
Dr. Ali Al Balaushi pointed out that the current session of the conference will focus mainly on the modern uses of medical endoscopes and artificial intelligence in the fields of knee and shoulder replacement through the use of augmented reality through the “detailing” and manufacturing of the knee or shoulder for each patient separately The knee according to the patient’s sizes, as well as the role of stem cells and plasma in the prevention, treatment and cultivation of corroded cartilage, especially for young people and sports injuries, pointing out that the preservation of cartilage at young ages at the age of Early makes us avoid joint replacement in the future.

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Canadian biotech company BioAro unveils precision medicine to revolutionise healthcare in the UAE and prolong lives

Canadian biotech company BioAro unveils precision medicine to revolutionise healthcare in the UAE and prolong lives

Dubai, UAE; Saturday, October 31 2023 : BioAro, the Canadian biotech powerhouse renowned for its groundbreaking strides in precision medicine, preventive healthcare, and personalised treatments, is embarking on a transformative journey into the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Armed with cutting-edge technologies such as Whole Genome Sequencing, Microbiome Testing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), BioAro is all set to establish a network of futuristic healthcare clinics, merging biotechnology research with clinical excellence, poised to catapult the UAE into the global epicenter of precision healthcare.

In its endeavour to create a global hub for precision medicine, genomics and personalised care, BioAro will revolutionise the healthcare landscape of the UAE. Genomics, the study of an organism’s genome, its genetic blueprint, and the profound implications of this knowledge are at the heart of BioAro’s mission. Genomic insights span all forms of life, from microscopic bacteria to the intricate genetic tapestry of humans, defined by DNA.

The global genomics market is currently estimated at US$46.2 billion in 2023, with an astonishing compound annual growth rate projected at 12.4 percent, expected to surge to US$83.1 billion by 2028, as per the latest findings by Markets and Markets.

Genomics holds the power to empower physicians to determine the right medication, tailor interventions for personalised care, mitigate medication side effects, identify the safest and most effective treatments, unveil hidden health risks before symptoms manifest, explore genetic variations, predict children’s predisposition to diseases and lead the charge against cancer, among numerous other applications.

BioAro takes pride in offering a comprehensive 100 percent Whole Genome Sequence (WGS), accompanied by expert genetic counseling from a dedicated Genome coach. This encompassing service tackles over 200 hereditary conditions and an impressive 4,000 medical conditions. Remarkably, the cost of WGS has dramatically plummeted from millions to an accessible $1,000 in recent years, opening doors to affordable, cutting-edge healthcare.

Dr. Anmol Kapoor, the visionary Founder of BioAro Group, says, “We are dedicated to collaborating with UAE authorities, striving to establish a global epicenter for precision medicine that will fundamentally redefine healthcare services. Whole Genome Sequencing and Microbiome Testing, involving 23,000 genes and hundreds of trillions of microbiomes, are just some of the scientific marvels that empower us to decipher the intricacies of genetics, heredity, and proactively address health issues before they escalate.

“We are poised to unveil a network of world-class centers of excellence in Precision medicine and Longevity and state of the art Genomic laboratory in the UAE. Coupled with these revolutionary technologies and our highly-trained professionals, we anticipate a seismic shift in the UAE’s healthcare landscape, contributing to the expansion of health-span and the lengthening of people’s lives.”

BioAro has initiated dialogues with both public sector health officials and private entities, heralding the advent of biotechnology and AI-powered healthcare solutions that are set to transform healthcare delivery in the region.

“At BioAro, we champion the belief that individuals should be the CEOs of their own health, and the key to this empowerment lies within their genes. Through genetic and microbiome testing, BioAro unlocks insights into an individual’s health that were once beyond reach,” Dr. Anmol Kapoor asserts.

“This marks the dawn of a supercharged, personalised healthcare experience, underpinned by evidence-based guidelines. BioAro is committed to championing quality and health equity by making access more democratic. We are making genetic data accessible and affordable, thus providing individuals the power to steer their personal health journey.”

With the support of BioAro’s cutting-edge technology and knowhow, the UAE could become a global leader in genomics and this could expand the life expectancy of the UAE’s population by a few decades. The UAE started conducting Whole Genome Sequencing of the UAE Nationals some time ago. So far, about half a million Emiratis have already been brought under genome sequencing programme – that will help them to achieve a healthy and longer life.

Dr Maryam Mattar, Founder Chairperson of the UAE Genetic Disease Association, said, “Our life expectancy was 47 when the UAE was formed 52 years ago. By 2019, life expectancy in the UAE has reached 78 – one of the highest in the region. With genome sequencing, this will easily exceed 100 years in a few years’ time.”

BioAro’s role is pivotal in helping individuals comprehend both inherited and acquired health risks, ranging from potential diseases and health conditions to pharmacogenomic profiles and nutritional parameters. Ultimately, BioAro empowers individuals to take proactive measures concerning their health and lifestyle, grounded in the knowledge gleaned from their genetic information. The organization stands as a beacon for client confidentiality, safeguarding data through cutting-edge blockchain technology, with the capacity to receive samples from anywhere across the globe, breaking down international barriers.

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