International experts review latest methods of diagnosing cancer and difficult diseases

International experts review latest methods of diagnosing cancer and difficult diseases

15 December، 2023 0 By manager

Two scientific workshops specialized in modern diagnosis of tissue and cell diseases were launched this morning at the Address Marina Hotel in Dubai, to review modern and latest technologies currently used in the most important international hospitals within the so-called digital pathology and molecular pathologies

Dr Hassan Huteit Consultant Histopathologist, Head of Histology Unit at Dubai Health. General Secretary of Emirates Pathology Society. Senior Lecturer, Dubai Medical College   said

The  distinguished group of lecturers specialized in the fields from the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East will lecture in them, where the lecturers reviewed the most important achievements in these two promising fields in improving and developing medical diagnosis and Especially the diagnosis of cancer and difficult and chronic diseases.

The workshops come ahead of the start of the activities of the UAE Conference on Surgical Pathology “Tissue and Cell Diseases”, which is organized by the Department of Pathology at the Emirates Medical Association tomorrow in the presence of more than 400 experts and specialists, where the number of lecturers in the two workshops reached 18 lecturers The topics of the lectures varied between reviewing modern and future technologies and between explaining the practical applications of these new technologies and discussing discussions within the two workshops about the capabilities of health institutions in different countries and their ability to start working On these new diagnostic health systems and planning to establish modern medical systems based on solid scientific foundations and solid diagnostics far from the possibility of error.

At the end of the conference, participants will receive 14 credit hours by the Dubai Health Authority.