Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi launches “UMMI” in collaboration with jewellery designer Susana Martins

Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi launches “UMMI” in collaboration with jewellery designer Susana Martins

Abu Dhabi UAE – Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi, the leading luxury jewellery retailer in the Middle East, announces a unique collaboration with the renowned Dubai-based jewellery designer and namesake brand, Susana Martins on a limited capsule collection in celebration of Mother’s Day. The collection features an intricately calligraphed sautoir necklace, aptly named “UMMI,” a term which translates to mom, paying homage to mothers all around the world.


Drawing inspiration from the nurturing and benevolent qualities of mothers, the UMMI necklace is exquisitely designed, featuring a striking juxtaposition of English and Arabic calligraphy creating a beautiful presentation of the two languages. The gold charm displays English words on the front, whilst the Arabic calligraphy is set at an angle, giving the piece a stunning 3D effect. This timeless collection includes a transformative and versatile piece that can be worn as a necklace, choker, or bracelet, and is suitable for layering with everyday jewellery. The piece is crafted meticulously using the finest materials with either a white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold finish, and adorned with sparkling diamonds.


Intrigued by the intricate designs and expert craftsmanship of Susana Martins’ Letter Mania collection, Iulia Al Fardan, the General Manager of Al Fardan Jewellery sought to collaborate with the renowned designer to create a limited-edition collection that pays tribute to the remarkable qualities of mothers. The UMMI collection is a true testament to the vision and creativity of both Iulia and Susana, resulting in a piece that exudes elegance, and sophistication, with immense sentimental value.


“My favourite role in life is being a mom to my daughter, and expressing it with my work is a privilege. This piece was created with Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi to form a story, make an heirloom, and honor our mothers,” said Susana Martins.


With a commitment to quality and excellence, Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi continues to set the highest standards for beautiful and versatile jewellery, drawing inspiration from rich Emirati heritage and the region’s empowered, sophisticated, modern woman.


The ‘UMMI’ collection is available for purchase at its flagship boutique nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi at The Nation Towers or online  from March 10th.


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