Maximilian London Jewellery house launch a new collection for Women”s Day

Maximilian London Jewellery house launch a new collection for Women”s Day

6 March، 2023 0 By manager

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023, Maximilian London Jewellery house wanted to contribute and cherish the global leadership role of women. Therefore, presenting its unique collection of luxurious emerald gemstones of exceptional world class quality to be a well-deserved Gift for the woman on all her occasions.

the famous Arabian Tennis star Ons Jabeur wearing the new collection by Maximilan House.

The green distinguished emerald precious stone by MaximiliaN London this year and for this occasion has many purposes. First & Foremost, is the symbolic green color and its value and meanings in Islamic civilization, and since Maximilian’s store opened an upscale branch in the East and in an Arab Muslim country such as the UAE, we loved to shed light on this important and valuable aspect Therefore, we presented the exceptional selection of green emeralds.

from the prophet (PBUH) days, till now, the green color was mentioned four times in the Holy Qur’an and became one of the symbols of Islamic architecture, it’s also the national flag in some Arabic and Islamic countries. Last but not least, It also symbolizes mother nature green and goodness of life. What more can we say about this awesome green color symbols in Islam.

We at Maximilian London loved to emphasize on the importance of civilizations dialogue & interactions, we always valued and highly respected the Arab and Muslim Women contribution to the urban renaissance and her great social involvement. Our permanent objective at MaximiliaN London  will be to contribute and integrate into all civilizations, especially the authentic Islamic and Arab civilization that has played a historical role in the rise of humanity and its well-being.

Since 2021, MaximiliaN London Jewellery released “Heart Shape Precious Gems” collection where is Emerald occupied an important part.  At the same time, we are proud that the Arabic well recognized Muslim Tennis Star Ons Jabeur (WTA ranking #2) is wearing Emerald Heart Shape pendant, earrings and bracelet on the court.

We will always Support Women’s role and also “Think Green” with Maximilian London.

Visit us and discover #ThinkGreen Emerald Collection at Dubai Mall, Grand Atrium, Ground Floor. 

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