Enjoy Culinary Experience with Mesmerizing Views at the  CABANA ON THE BEACH

Enjoy Culinary Experience with Mesmerizing Views at the CABANA ON THE BEACH

10 June، 2024 0 By manager

Dubai, UAE, 10 June 2024 – Nestled along Dubai’s picturesque coastline, CABANA ON THE

BEACH offers a unique beachside dining and leisure experience, blending exquisite

gastronomy with a serene ambiance for an unparalleled visit.

Embark on a culinary journey crafted by our chef Alan Nagoev, who trained in renowned

restaurants worldwide. Using top-quality ingredients sourced from Japan, South America,

and Spain, each dish is a masterpiece, ensuring an unforgettable dining affair. The highlights

of the menu are outstanding dining choices like Robata and Toro, made from the premium

meat, served with special sauces made from scratch, ready to impress your taste buds with

fruit notes. Immerse yourself in our Balinese-inspired ambiance, adorned with eco-friendly

green accents, creating a perfect setting for any occasion.

Marvel at the breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Al Arab as you enter our white sand

paradise with direct sea access. Indulge in one of the incredible delectable desserts created

by our talented Indonesian pastry chef Rani Winfiasari, who worked at the Atmosphere BurjKhalifa. With an average check of 250 AED per person, CABANA ON THE BEACH invites

you to savor moments of bliss with your loved ones. Evening views are particularly

enchanting, perfect for romantic dates or private events, enhanced with rose petals for

added charm.

At CABANA ON THE BEACH, indulge in relaxation and entertainment. Our Beach Club,

opening in June, seamlessly blends fun and leisure, featuring a bar area, stylish cabanas for

all-day dining, and upcoming family and wellness activities like beach yoga and kids’

classes. Dive into a world of outdoor experiences in our pool and sea, offering options for

guests of all ages to enjoy. With ample space for private events, celebrations, weddings, and

anniversaries, CABANA ON THE BEACH is the ideal setting for creating cherished


Join us as we redefine luxury living, one exquisite moment at a time.

Operating Hours:

Restaurant: 12 pm – 12 am

Beach Access: 9 am – 6 pm

Location: Cabana on the Beach, Azraq, The Palm.

Valet parking available.

CABANA ON THE BEACH invites you to immerse yourself in a world of culinary mastery

and stunning views. Whether you seek a relaxing day by the sea or a memorable dining

experience with your loved ones, CABANA ON THE BEACH promises an unforgettable


Tel: +971 58 634 3976| Website: https://cabanaclub.ae/| Instagram: