hrtech and iAccel GBI Join Forces to Propel HR Tech Startups into the Middle East Market

hrtech and iAccel GBI Join Forces to Propel HR Tech Startups into the Middle East Market

14 March، 2024 0 By manager

Dubai, UAE – March 14th, 2024: Embarking on a transformative venture, Singapore-based HR Technology Solutions and Analyst firm hrtech, has announced a strategic partnership with iAccel Gulf Business Incubator (iAccel GBI) aimed at reshaping the HR tech startup sector in the Middle East.


By synergizing the unique strengths of hrtech and iAccel GBI, the partnership seeks to provide a strong platform for HR tech startups and navigate them into the dynamic and rapidly expanding market of the Middle East. This collaboration signifies a commitment to innovation, growth, and the advancement of HR tech solutions in the region.


hrtech brings a wealth of knowledge to the HR technology domain. Since its inception in 2018, hrtech has been instrumental in enabling workplace and workforce transformations for enterprises of all sizes, driving impactful business and HR outcomes. Their deep connections with global HR technology startups and their commitment to integrating technology and human-centric approaches make them an invaluable ally in this endeavor.


iAccel GBI has emerged as a transformative force in the UAE’s startup business landscape. Committed to fostering economic development, iAccel GBI focuses on elevating business practices, enhancing competitiveness, supporting SMEs, attracting investments, and championing research, development, and innovation. It has supported over 14 tech startups through funding, mentorship, and resources, and iAccel GBI now positions its role as a collaborative force, partnering with key government stakeholders like the National Incubator Network (NIN) to strengthen the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


This alliance between hrtech and iAccel GBI represents a synergistic collaboration where hrtech’s domain expertise and global startup connections meet iAccel GBI’s robust value proposition and market access in the UAE. Together, they are set to provide an unparalleled platform for HR tech startups seeking to enter the Middle East market.


“Joining forces with iAccel GBI aligns perfectly with our vision of facilitating workplace and workforce transformations globally,” said Sriram Iyer, Founder & CEO of hrtech. “Our combined expertise will empower startups to not only penetrate the Middle East market but also thrive in it.” He added.


Speaking about the partnership, Deepak Ahuja, CEO and Co-Founder of iAccel Gulf Business Incubator said, “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with hrtech, and we believe this partnership will allow us to empower all HR tech companies, guiding them through the dynamic landscape of the Middle East. In line with government initiatives to create a robust ecosystem, iAccel GBI offers end-to-end launchpad support for startups that want to expand to the UAE- from setting up an entity and infrastructure support to access to investments, market access, and mentorship. Thus, we are excited to partner with hrtech, offering startups a unique opportunity to scale and succeed in a dynamic market.”


The hrtech – iAccel GBI alliance is more than just a collaboration; it’s a bridge connecting global innovation with regional opportunities, promising to transform the HR tech landscape in the Middle East and beyond.