Dubai hosts the 23rd Asian Orthopedic Association Congress for the first time tomorrow

Dubai hosts the 23rd Asian Orthopedic Association Congress for the first time tomorrow

28 February، 2024 0 By manager

1100 experts and specialists discuss ways to use artificial intelligence and robotics in bone surgery

 Dubai -28 February 2024: The 23rd Asian Orthopedic Association Conference, hosted by the Emirates International Orthopedic Association, kicks off in Dubai tomorrow with the participation of 800 orthopedic doctors from 23 countries at the Festival Intercontinental Hotel.

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Dr. Saeed Al-Thani, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon and Chairman of the Conference, stressed the importance of the conference for orthopedic doctors, as it will brings together a large group of international experts to discuss the latest international methods in everything related to orthopedic diseases and surgeries, especially after the entry of artificial intelligence techniques and robotics in various types of modern surgeries, in addition to reviewing the latest innovations and scientific research that have been conducted globally during the past year, pointing out that the conference represents a platform through which our doctors meet their counterparts from other participating countries. At the conference


Dr. Saeed Al-Thani, President of the Conference, said that the number of local and regional speakers reached 219 speakers, and the number of scientific sessions 78 sessions, while the total number of scientific lectures reached 257 lectures and the total number of scientific research papers to 158 research and scientific papers in addition to two workshops that preceded the death

He explained that the medical conferences hosted by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular contributed to the development and enhancement of the efficiency of national doctors and providing them with scientific and practical expertise, as evidenced by the large attendance from all countries of the region for this specialized conference.