Sharjah Shopping Promotions celebrates Kalba heritage with lively winter festivities

Sharjah Shopping Promotions celebrates Kalba heritage with lively winter festivities

14 January، 2024 0 By manager

“Kalba Winter” initiative features contests, artistic performances by folk troupes


Sharjah, January 14, 2024

As part of the current edition of Sharjah Shopping Promotions, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) welcomed the public to the City of Kalba’s public market for the “Kalba Winter” initiative, which featured a series of promotional shopping activities and folklore performances.

A lively, festive atmosphere filled the air during the two-day event as gifts and prizes were passed out to market-goers. “Kalba Winter” is part of SCCI’s efforts to stimulate commercial activity, support entrepreneurial projects, and promote tourism and heritage attractions in Sharjah’s Eastern Region.

The festivities were attended by HE Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al Awadi, Director-General of the SCCI, Abdulaziz Mohammed Shattaf, Assistant Director-General of the Communication and Business Sector at the Sharjah Chamber, Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of Economic Relations and Marketing at the SCCI, and HE Jamal Saeed Buzangal, Director of the Media Department at the Chamber.

The “Kalba Winter” programme included activities and contests for the public and performance pieces presented by folk troupes from the UAE, Egypt, and India. Valuable gifts and prizes were handed out to individuals, families, and the general public as they took part in the event’s open contests and attended the artistic and heritage performances. These activities helped to draw in families and diverse groups of visitors who thronged to the stores participating in Sharjah Shopping Promotions to take advantage of the discounts offered on a broad range of products, apparel, goods, and brands.

HE Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al Awadi said the Chamber organised “Kalba Winter” under the banner of Sharjah Shopping Promotions as part of its endeavours to boost commercial and tourism activity in the Eastern Region and come up with innovative ways of supporting the business sector in all of Sharjah’s cities and regions. Through the event, the SCCI also aimed to create a celebratory atmosphere to help stimulate tourism. The initiative coincided with this season’s ideal climate, which plays a role in attracting a large number of shoppers, visitors and tourists, thereby boosting retail traffic and creating a competitive environment capable of supporting the local economy.

For her part, Aisha Saleh, Acting Head of the SCCI’s Festivals and Shows Department, said that Sharjah Shopping Promotions, which is slated to continue through January 20, has garnered extensive public engagement, drawing in crowds to its diverse lineup of events. Numerous shopping centres have participated across Sharjah’s cities and regions, including the Eastern Region, where cities and markets are characterised by a traditional flavour that contributes to attracting a wider segment of the public, including tourists. Crowds also come to enjoy Sharjah’s winter atmosphere and the promotional offers aimed at enriching the emirate’s business and tourism landscape.

Sharjah Shopping Promotions’ festivities in Kalba featured performances by the Al Habban Folk Group, which offered a window into Emirati heritage by presenting the “Habban” dance to the rhythms of the bagpipe. Other participating folk troupes included an Egyptian group and an Indian group, whose performers conveyed features of the rich folklore of both countries. The three groups entertained shoppers throughout the two-day event with a colourful array of artistic performances and dances, spreading joy and garnering great audience interaction.

Sharjah Shopping Promotions, which wraps up on January 20, continues to witness impressive public turnout at its different participating shopping centres. During the remainder of the event’s current edition, shoppers can look forward to even more surprises, discounts, and entertainment activities that appeal to all members of society, especially children and families.