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·        Charity anthem launched and performed live for the first time during the COP28 World Climate Action Summit.

·        Anthem executive produced by Badr Jafar, COP28 Special Representative, and produced by Moroccan multi-Grammy Award winner RedOne.

·        All proceeds will support climate adaptation for crisis-affected communities through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Dubai, UAE, 09 December 2023: In a global exclusive, ‘Lasting Legacy,’ the official charity anthem of COP28, the United Nations Climate Conference hosted in the UAE, was launched and performed live for the first time during the closing session of the World Climate Action Summit in Dubai on 2 December. The performance, featuring diverse talents and renowned artists from across the world, served as a unique call to action to accelerate the global response to climate change and nature loss. Produced by Moroccan multi-Grammy Award winner RedOne, the diverse voices and musical cultures featured in the song are a reminder of the power of unity and international cooperation in the face of the climate crisis.

To underscore the global outreach and inclusive spirit of ‘Lasting Legacy,’ the anthem embraces the six official languages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. Other languages on the anthem include Hindi, Bahasa, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. This linguistic diversity symbolises a commitment to universal communication and understanding, essential in fostering global cooperation and unity in the fight against climate change.

Badr Jafar, COP28 Special Representative for Business and Philanthropy, and Executive Producer of ‘Lasting Legacy’ said: “Music is the universal language that transcends borders and boundaries. UAE’s hosting of COP28 has been an important milestone in the global effort to rally decisive action in support of our climate and nature goals. The release of this charity anthem, Lasting Legacy, is intended to deliver a message of hope and unity in this mission, raise much-needed funds for climate adaptation for crisis-affected communities, and inspire wider engagement in the climate action agenda from people of all ages and cultures.”


RedOne, said: “I am profoundly moved by the sheer talent and commitment of each artist involved in this project. Working with such a diverse group of artists to create a piece that resonates with the global audience and carries a message of such critical importance — climate action and inclusivity — has been an incredible experience. Music has the power to transcend boundaries, and this anthem is a beacon of hope and a reminder that together, in harmony, we can make a significant impact in the fight against climate change.”

The anthem assembles a distinguished lineup of artists, each of which has infused the song with elements of their diverse languages and cultures, including:

Balqees from the UAE

Gims from Congo/France

Agnez Mo from Indonesia

Anushka Sen from India

Dalia Mubarak from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Arrow Bwoy from Kenya 

Inna Modja from Mali

Boy Story from China

Valeriya from Russia

Van Mai Huong from Vietnam

AY Young from the USA

Barbara Doza from Venezuela

Carolina Doche from the USA/Brazil

Together, these talented artists combine to form a global chorus united in its rhythmic and melodic call for climate and nature action.

Producer Taymoor Marmarchi said: “As the global community converged for COP28, ‘Lasting Legacy’ emerged as a profound musical embodiment of this pivotal summit. The anthem reflects the UAE’s deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship and stands as a powerful reminder that together, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable and resilient future.”

‘Lasting Legacy’ is available on all streaming platforms and is being broadcast on radio stations worldwide, amplifying the call for climate action across the globe. 

Khaled Khalifa, UNHCR Senior Advisor and GCC Representative, said: “The far-reaching effects of climate crises know no boundaries, impacting us all, regardless of where we live. To effectively mitigate these challenges, it’s imperative to engage in concerted efforts that include the active involvement of those most affected, particularly refugees and internally displaced persons residing in climate-vulnerable areas. I am grateful to the organisers and participating artists for their invaluable contributions to this initiative. I sincerely hope their work will not only spread awareness but also inspire individuals everywhere to believe in their capacity to effect positive change in the world.”

Karl Shuker, Director of International Philanthropy and Partnerships for the MENA region at the International Rescue Committee, said: “The IRC is honoured to be part of this vital mobilisation effort in support of climate action and climate justice. Communities where the IRC works, those living at the sharp end of the climate crisis, need our support more than ever before. We are proud to dedicate the proceeds raised to the tangible, innovative climate adaptation solutions that the international community must rally around today to support those in need.”

All proceeds from the record will support climate adaptation for vulnerable communities around the world through the work of the IRC (International Rescue Committee) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

For further details on the COP28 charity anthem, its artists, and the initiatives it supports, please visit  https://anthem.cop28.com/



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