Oman Cables’ Innovation Day 2023: Powering a Sustainable Future

Oman Cables’ Innovation Day 2023: Powering a Sustainable Future

Exploring the Latest Technologies and Solutions in the Cables and Systems Industry

Muscat, 9 May 2023: Oman Cables Industry (OCI), the leading Omani company in the cables and systems industry, part of Prysmian Group, showcased its latest cutting-edge technology at the Innovation Day dedicated to all its Partners across the GCC Region.


Hosted at the Royal Opera House in Muscat, OCI’s Innovation Day introduced the company’s advanced sustainable innovations, supported by Prysmian Group as the technological partner, which major experts attended from all over the world led by Srini Siripurapu, Chief Innovation and R&D Officer at Prysmian Group.


The event kicked off with an inspirational speech led by Oman Cables’ Chief Executive Officer, Cinzia Farisè highlighting the company’s efforts on innovation for sustainability and its ambition to shape a truly sustainable future.


Through its worldwide and local experts, OCI illustrated its strategic approach to technology and innovation, focusing on 4 segments of activities the company is dedicated: boosting Grid Hardening within the GCC region, building the Renewable Excellence Centre in Oman for solar, wind and hydrogen, strengthening the network through Servitization & Smartization, supporting growth in Data and Digitalization through new products and services.


“Our Innovation Day was dedicated to our Customers, the reason for our existence, for their continued trust and contribution, because innovation is by definition the result of partnership and collaboration. We were talking about our journey towards sustainability and our continuous transfer of knowledge and technology to the Sultanate of Oman and the entire GCC region. Because at all different latitudes our Partners, every day, need us to be a reliable partner, capable of implementing the best innovative solutions with maximum efficiency and competitiveness. Our event provided an outstanding opportunity to gain valuable insights into our latest technologies, aimed at implementing innovative solutions to support the energy transition, renewable energy production and sustainable technologies. Even more at this stage, we want them to feel that they can count on us to promote sustainable growth and increase the vitality of the entire ecosystem”, Farisè said.


Following the great success achieved during 2022, OCI is now looking at new opportunities, venturing and exploring the untapped potential for the region, continuously striving for excellence in all aspects of its business through the integration of sustainable business development and innovation, enhancing shareholder value and outstanding customer service. Above all, OCI is committed to continue its successful partnerships with its prestigious Customers.



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