BMW Introduces Limited Edition BMW XM Label Red

BMW Introduces Limited Edition BMW XM Label Red

More powerful, exclusive and luxurious: Just a few months after the start of production of the new BMW XM, BMW M GmbH offers the flagship version of the first ever high performance car with an electric driving system. The BMW XM Label Red combines the M HYBRID system with extra power and custom design touches that reflect premium performance features. The vehicle produces 748 horsepower (resulting from the 585 horsepower V8 internal combustion engine and an electric motor built into the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission that produces up to 197 horsepower), and is therefore the most powerful BMW XM Label Red. It also leads the Force’s rankings in the categories of Sports Activities Cars and Coupe Sports Activities Cars.


The BMW XM Label Red will be shown globally for the first time ever at the Shanghai International Motor Show in April 2023. China is one of the most important regions in terms of sales of BMW XM Label Red, along with the United States and the Middle East. The vehicle can be ordered from agents globally from April 28, 2023.


M HYBRID system with high level performance and tight accuracy.

BMW XM Label Red’s M Hybrid system expresses the strong impact of electrifying the driving system in high performance BMW GmbH models in a dazzling style. The precise interaction between the electric motor and the V8 ensures instant power connectivity that accumulates and continues until the highest levels are achieved in the range of cycles.


V8 engine with advanced M TwinPower Turbo technology and high-acceleration classic character.

At BMW XM Label Red, the V8 engine contributes more to the power produced by the system and is achieved with electric motor servo. Maximum strength is 585 hp at 5,600 rpm while maximum torque is 750 Nm and can be achieved through an extremely wide circulation range of 1,800 to 5,400 rpm. The latest generation of V8 features high-speed power delivery with higher efficiency and lower emission levels.

With two electronically controlled and continuously adaptable shutters, the BMW XM Label Red’s sports exhaust system provides an emotionally rich escort to deliver engine power in a vibrant and pulsing style and is not usually combined with an eight-cylinder engine. Instant power connection: electric motor with innovative advance gear stage.


Powerful high voltage battery and joint charging unit.

The engine derives its energy from a high voltage lithium-ion battery built into the bottom area of the chassis, the product of the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology. The engine includes a usable capacity of 25.7 kW/h. With the servo of a highly efficient electric motor and smart power management system, an electric range of 75 to 83 kilometres can be achieved in the WLTP cycle. Therefore, BMW XM Label Red can accompany you until you complete your tours of the city but also during your zero-emission, almost entirely silent country road tours. The maximum speed attainable in pure electric mode is 140 km/h. M HYBRID’s combined charging module enables AC charging up to 7.4 kW. This means that the high voltage battery can be recharged from zero to 100% within 4.25 hours.


Open design with exclusive details.

Only 500 copies of the limited edition BMW XM Label Red will be rolled out globally, maximizing its exclusivity with a more expressive design.

The distinctive features of the BMW XM Label Red feature a beautiful strip in Toronto Red metal red. The use of red extends to model badges and tire decorations. The Toronto Red also serves as a front renal mesh frame and reaches the rear distractor to achieve additional design touches with the chassis painted in BMW Individual Frozen Carbon Black.





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