Menassah Distribution Company brings Emirati literature closer to school students through innovative ‘Schools Book Fairs’ initiative

Menassah Distribution Company brings Emirati literature closer to school students through innovative ‘Schools Book Fairs’ initiative

In celebration of the National Month of Reading


  • Fostering a love of reading among students and encouraging them to explore the rich culture and history of the UAE.
  • 1,000 titles from 20 distinguished publishing houses at nine participating academic institutions from Sharjah.
  • 15% discount on all featured books in Sharjah participating schools.


Sharjah, 17 March 2023: In recognition of National Reading Month, celebrated annually in March, Menassah Distribution Company proudly launched the ‘Schools Book Fairs’ initiative through which students can immerse themselves in the wonders of Emirati literature and easily obtain literary masterpieces at discounted prices throughout the month. This campaign represents the company’s unwavering commitment to providing educational resources to all members of society, particularly younger generations, to cultivate a passion for reading and lifelong learning.


Menassah Distribution Company, established by the Emirates Publishers Association to assist Emirati publishers in promoting their publications at local and international book fairs, is proud to present over 1,000 titles from 20 esteemed local publishing houses. As part of the National Reading Month festivities, Menassah is partnering with nine academic institutions in Sharjah to showcase these works and foster a love of reading among students.


In this regard, Rashid Al Kous, executive director of the Emirates Publishers Association, said: “At the Emirates Publishers Association, we are dedicated to promoting reading and cultivating it as a habit deeply ingrained in society. Our participation in National Reading Month festivities is a testament to this commitment. This annual event has evolved into a cultural celebration that transforms the emirates into vibrant reading hubs. As part of our efforts to achieve our goal, we have launched the ‘Schools Book Fairs’ initiative, which aims to increase the reach of Emirati literary works in schools across the UAE. By making books more accessible and popular among students, we aim to develop a generation of readers who are well-versed in science and knowledge and are deeply connected to their heritage and culture. This initiative is just one of many that we have developed to promote the growth and success of the Emirati publishing industry.”


According to Al-Kous, the Emirates Publishers Association has an ambitious vision to promote local culture throughout the UAE and is committed to achieving this vision through various initiatives, such as the School Book Fair. This initiative allows publishers to showcase their works in schools and encourages students to explore and learn more about Emirati culture and heritage.


He added: “To commemorate National Reading Month, the Schools Book Fairs initiative is thrilled to offer a 15% discount on all featured books. This incredible opportunity is designed to motivate students to engage with the world of Emirati literature, broaden their horizons, and establish reading as a way of life.”


Throughout March, thousands of students from various Sharjah academic institutions have the unique opportunity to access a diverse and fascinating selection of literary works. These institutions include the University of Sharjah, Al-Istiqlal School, WesGreen International Private School, GEMS Cambridge International Private School, Victoria International School, Manarat Al Sharjah School, and Al Shola Private School. In addition, students from Victoria International School in Khorfakkan and the American School for Scientific Creativity will also have the chance to participate in this exciting event.

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