Ajman Department of Finance holds workshop to enhance culture of innovation among employees

Ajman Department of Finance holds workshop to enhance culture of innovation among employees

27 February، 2024 0 By manager

Ajman, 27 February 2024: As a key initiative by the Ajman Department of Finance to participate actively in 2024 ‘UAE Innovates’ and demonstrate its commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation and progress within its workforce, the Strategy and Project Management Office organised a workshop named ‘Rapid Innovative Laboratory’ to promote the principles of innovation and excellence among employees across different areas. Its aim is to ultimately improve the quality of customer service and ensure the Department’s alignment with international standards of excellence.


Marwan Al Ali, Director General of the Department of Finance, highlighted the Department’s dedication to supporting national efforts to cultivate a culture of innovation within society. He pointed out that this workshop aligns with the Department’s strategic imperatives, which emphasise innovation, new ideas, and qualitative improvements in work processes. The Department is devoted to fostering an environment of continuous learning to enhance its workforce’s skills and promote a culture of excellence and creativity. These elements are crucial for enabling the Department to proactively anticipate and adapt to future trends and changes.


Al Ali emphasised that in the face of rapid global changes, developing leaders equipped with innovative and forward-thinking abilities has become essential to navigate towards a sustainable future. He said: “We are committed to providing our employees with the essential knowledge and innovative tools needed to develop the leadership skills of tomorrow.” Efforts like this specialised laboratory are designed to heighten employee awareness of the importance of innovation and to spark the creation of inventive ideas, ultimately improving the quality of customer services. Al Ali reaffirmed the Department’s conviction that investing in human skills and capabilities represents the true wealth, the pathway to achieving strategic objectives, and the emirate’s vision for sustainable growth, thereby boosting the UAE’s international standing in innovation.


Aisha Al Muhairi, Acting Director of the Strategy Office at the Department, underscored the Department’s dedication to integrating state-of-the-art technological innovations in financial management, a crucial role in safeguarding the accuracy of Ajman Government’s financial performance data while enhancing the emirate’s quality of life. She referred to notable successes aimed at driving the emirate’s development and advancement, such as the ‘Fursan Robots’ project, which won the 2022 Emirates Innovates Award for ‘Best Innovation in Resource Utilisation,’ and the ‘Ajman Digital Wallet,’ which was recognised in 2021 as the most innovative digital wallet in the finance sector.

The Department’s participation in the 2024 Innovation Month included various events, most notably the ‘Innovation and Improvement Lab,’ which offered a space for participants to suggest inventive solutions to challenges using the framework of innovation lab management. Furthermore, a ‘Creative Idea’ competition encouraged the submission of innovative ideas and proposals within the financial sector to strengthen the Department’s function and support the achievement of its strategic goals.