NEW techniques and treatments for the first time at the ENT conference

NEW techniques and treatments for the first time at the ENT conference

18 January، 2024 0 By manager


75 children from different nationalities were treated through the Help Me Hear initiative

His Excellency Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Rand, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention for Public Health, Head of the Emirates Division of Ear, Nose and Throat at the Emirates Medical Association and President of the World Federation of Ear, Nose and Throat Societies, revealed new techniques and treatments that were presented at the exhibition accompanying the thirteenth Gulf Conference and the Emirates for ear, nose and throat from a small industry that works on Bluetooth technology used to improve hearing and answer mobile calls through a remote that controls the volume in addition to a biological drug to treat Adenoids, allergies and eczema, which is a biological injection taken once every two weeks, with which the annoying symptoms disappear permanently, pointing out that the duration of their use depends on the patient’s condition

The exhibiting company said that the drug is registered in the country by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and is available in pharmacies and its dispensing requires a prescription from a specialist doctor.

He added that one of the companies is for the first time offering an application that helps patients with dizziness to get rid of sudden symptoms by making some movements such as physical therapy, which is a very excellent application for patients with dizziness.


His Excellency Dr. Hussein Al-Rand said that the “Help Me Listen” initiative for hearing-impaired children, which was launched in 2017 as part of the Year of Giving initiatives, provided treatment for the hearing impaired to 75 children of different nationalities residing in the country with the aim of enhancing their toxic abilities to communicate and reintegrate them into society, which will contribute to achieving the sustainable development of the country

Dr. Ahmed Al-Emadi, Consultant and Head of the Ear, Nose and Throat Pastor at Al-Baraha Hospital, said that the health authorities are in the process of conducting cochlear implants for the hearing impaired from both sides, especially after international scientific studies and research have shown that cochlear implantation is better and contributes to restoring the child to his normal position within a shorter period of time.

He said in European countries, the process of implantation is still carried out in one side due to the high cost, pointing out that a single cochlear implant costs between 150-170 thousand dirhams, pointing out that the reasons for children’s hearing loss are often genetic or as a result of the mother’s infection with infections during pregnancy, in addition to the marriage of relatives, as it was noted that the rate of infection in Western and European countries is less than what is found in the Arab countries.

He pointed out that the most common nasal diseases in the country are sensory and sinuses, pointing out that out of every 10 patients, 7 of them suffer from either allergies or sinuses.


On the other hand, the thirteenth Gulf Conference and the Emirates Conference for Nose, Now and Throat continued its activities yesterday, where the lecturers focused on the latest methods of surgery in the sinuses and chronic diseases of the middle ear and the use of endoscopes in sinus surgeries as well as skull base surgeries through the nose, and a session was allocated to discuss modern methods in rhinoplasty from a cosmetic point of view as well as the functional aspect of the nose in addition to sleep apnea problems and snoring And the latest methods for diagnosis and treatment as well as ear surgeries to improve hearing



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