Key discussions on cutting-edge topics conclude the 3rd Annual Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology Conference

Key discussions on cutting-edge topics conclude the 3rd Annual Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology Conference


The final day of the 3rd annual conference of Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology brought forth an array of remarkable presentations, shedding light on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UAE’s healthcare sector, as well as the critical challenges and opportunities related to climate change and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in preparation for COP28.
Under the patronage of the Emirates Medical Association, the conference, organized by the Emirates Society of Clinical Microbiology (ESCM) in collaboration with the American Society for Microbiology, drew a substantial audience of more than 450 participants on Sunday.
The 3rd annual conference, hosted at Mohammed bin Rashid University for Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai, served as an interactive platform for sharing the latest research, findings, experiences, and guidelines in the field of clinical microbiology.
Among the attendees were 27 distinguished national and 10 international speakers, along with delegates, experts, scientists, physicians, microbiology professionals, students, and industry specialists.
With a diverse agenda encompassing 36 lectures, the event delved into emerging topics and addressed the industry’s latest developments and challenges.
Dr. Anju Nabi, Vice President of ESCM, highlighted that the conference featured international speakers in anticipation of the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in the UAE, discussing the role of microbiology in addressing climate change and AMR while striving to achieve UN sustainable development goals for reducing carbon emissions.
“The conference also delved into the crucial role microbiologists play in reducing carbon footprint through waste recycling, lab practices, and the safe disposal of contaminated materials,” Dr Nabi said.

Dr Arun Kumar Jha, Chair of the Cultural, Social & Media Committee informed that the 3rd Annual Conference of ESCM has attracted diverse group of participants. Clinical microbiology doctors, Pathologists, Laboratory technologists, Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists etc. have actively participated in the conference. “The conference also attracted numerous participants and students from various universities, including Emirati students with a passion for clinical microbiology, eager to explore the latest research, findings, experiences, and guidelines in the field.”
Professor Godfred Menezes, Chair of the conference scientific committee said the conference’s closing day concentrated on vital topics such as healthcare-associated infections, antimicrobial resistance, new antimicrobials, respiratory pathogens, human microbiome, mycology, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had different sessions about hot topics such as the association of oral microbiome dysbiosis with oral infections in the UAE population, microbiome based therapeutic tools, invasive fungal infections and interesting cases of rare fungi. We are delighted to host this conference that delves deeper into the field.”
“We believe the knowledge exchange from this conference will benefit all the healthcare sector, while demonstrating the UAE’s advanced status in tackling healthcare challenges.”
Professor Menezes said they will be preparing for next conference that the next conference will be held in November 2024 & venue will be decided after ESCM Board & Committee meeting.

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