The Urology Conference kicks off in Dubai, attended by 2,500 doctors from 75 countries

The Urology Conference kicks off in Dubai, attended by 2,500 doctors from 75 countries

Dubai,28 September 2023

The activities of the Emirates Urological Association Conference and the 20th Asian Conference were launched in Dubai this evening, which Dubai is hosting for the first time in the Middle East and the Gulf, with the participation of more than 2,500 doctors from more than 75 countries at the Conrad Dubai Hotel.

Dr. Abdul Qader Al Zarouni, President of the Emirates Urological Society and Chairman of the Conference, welcomed the hosting of the Asian Conference, which Dubai is hosting for the first time, stressing that the discussions that will be conducted by the doctors participating in the conference, whether through lectures and research or sessions and discussions, will result in positive results that will benefit the participating doctors and patients in a great way. Oh

Dr. Yasser Al-Saeedi, Vice President of the Society, indicated that the conference will focus on developing clinical skills and training on the latest technologies and modern devices in all subspecialties in kidney diseases and urinary tract surgeries.

He added that the conference will discuss over three days approximately 1,000 working and research papers, most of which will be reviewed in separate sessions to encourage medical personnel to research and scientific publication, in addition to holding 14 workshops for training, work and practice using the latest modern technologies such as robotics and modern technology in urology.

Dr. Younis Al-Shamsi, Secretary of the Urology Society, expressed his happiness at hosting the twentieth Asian Urology Conference, expressing his hope that the conferences will produce results that will benefit all participants in developing their scientific and practical expertise to serve urinary tract disease.

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