Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival Gears Up for Eighth Edition Launch on July 27

Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival Gears Up for Eighth Edition Launch on July 27

13 July، 2023 0 By manager

Ajman, United Arab Emirates – July 13, 2023: Get ready for an exhilarating experience as dates and heritage enthusiasts in the UAE and the region eagerly await the much-anticipated Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival. Celebrating its eighth edition, this spectacular event is scheduled to commence on July 27th and continue through July 30th, 2023.


Under the esteemed patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) is proud to announce the organization of this edition of the festival, in collaboration with a diverse network of 350 participants. The vibrant festivities are set to take place at the prestigious Emirates Hospitality Centre, located in the heart of Ajman.


The Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival is an enchanting event that seamlessly blends diversity and creativity in the world of unique flavors and cultural offerings. Visitors will be treated to a wide array of succulent palm dates, delectable fruits, and skilfully crafted sweets made from fresh dates and mouthwatering honey. The festival offers an opportunity for attendees to savor these one-of-a-kind flavors and indulge in a sensory experience rich in taste and aroma.


As one of the most prominent tourism and cultural events in the city, the festival seeks to revive the ancient Emirati heritage while preserving and investing in palm cultivation, in line with the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE.


The festival serves as an excellent platform for farmers and producers to showcase their products, engage with the public, and exchange knowledge and experiences in the realms of agriculture and the honey industry. Accompanying the festival offers a series of competitions, as well as entertainment and cultural activities that add a special ambiance to the event.


The Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival caters to visitors of all ages and backgrounds, offering a diverse and educational program. The festival program features numerous activities designed to celebrate the heritage and the customs of Emirati traditions and provide an enjoyable and exciting experience for the entire family. Highlights include dates, citrus, and fruit weighing competitions aimed at supporting farmers, fostering agricultural development in the country, and enhancing the quality of agricultural crops.


The festival encompasses a comprehensive range of educational activities, including workshops and lectures focused on the field of agriculture. Esteemed professionals from the Farmers Service Centre lend their expertise to provide farm owners with valuable insights, tips, and guidance. Additionally, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment actively engages in the festival by organizing awareness programs tailored for both visitors and farmers, while also highlighting exemplary modern agricultural practices. Simultaneously, the offices endeavour to provide solutions to foster sustainable agricultural development, enhance food security, and promote enduring growth, all while elevating the livelihoods of agricultural producers and manufacturers.


Further events encompass a renowned market aimed at bolstering productive families and small to medium enterprises. Additionally, a date and honey market will be featured to highlight the farmers and their exquisite natural offerings. Engaging craft workshops are meticulously designed to acquaint visitors with the historical and contemporary significance of the palm trees. In tandem, a photography competition, a cooking competition and a charity auction will be organized, channelling its proceeds towards charitable causes and aiding the less privileged.


Children will also have the opportunity to engage in competitions and games centered around local heritage, aimed at fostering the Emirati identity and spreading joy throughout society. Visitors can also revel in folklore songs and performances by folk bands.


His Highness Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, expressed his thoughts on the festival’s purpose, stating, “The Ajman Liwa Dates and Honey Festival provides visitors with an ideal opportunity to explore and experience authentic Emirati heritage and culture. We take immense pride in hosting this significant event, which reflects our vision to preserve and enhance our heritage for future generations.”


His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, emphasized the festival’s significance in promoting national identity and showcasing the rich Emirati heritage. He remarked, “We are thrilled to host the Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival for its eighth edition, highlighting our commitment to promoting Emirati heritage and supporting farmers and productive families in the United Arab Emirates. We invite everyone to join us in this exceptional event and partake in a variety of activities and competitions that cater to all family members.”


It is worth noting that the festival will be open to welcome visitors daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, running from July 27th to July 30th at the Emirates Hospitality Centre.